Managed IT Services

Our Managed Service 8x5x4 Support offers our clients with access to Gibson Technology Solutions' computer and networking expertise. 8x5x4 Support services means:  8 hours of availability during business hours (9am – 5pm), 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) with a 4 hour response time.  Tier 2 & Tier 3 services are available for purchase in 5 hour blocks or on a per-call basis.  5 hour blocks can be purchased on a needs basis and are discounted. 

Our service has three (3) different tiers of support.  Each tier offers various levels of support ranging from software updates to server uptime. Each product (Computer, switch, server, etc) covered under this service must be registered under Gibson Technology Solutions support agreement in order to qualify for this service. User documentation is also included in the form of one paper copy, along with a digitized version.

Every call, email and/or ticket is assigned a priority in our Help Desk system.  The priority defines the impact of the issue reported by the end-user.   If the technical issue cannot resolve remotely, the ticket will be escalated to the Managed Onsite Service at the Tier rate of the help desk ticket.

Priority Categories:

Low:  One machine/user affected. The problem is only a minor enhancement or question.  No productivity loss.

Normal:  One machine/user affected moderately and some productivity loss. Or multiple machines/users affected with only minor loss of productivity.

High:  All users affected and moderate productivity loss.

Critical:  All users affected and major productivity loss

Our Managed Onsite Service provides all the same basic services as Managed Service support but offers Next Business Day onsite service.  Managed Onsite Service is an extension of a support ticket from Managed Service 8x5x4 that requires a physical presence by a Gibson Tech Solutions Trained Systems Engineer. Each product must be registered under Gibson Tech Solutions’ support agreement in order to qualify for this service.  The hourly rate for Managed Onsite Service will be same as the Managed Service 8x5x4 agreement at the Tier rate.

Tier 1 Support: Tier 1 provides basic application software and/or hardware support.

  1. Microsoft Office (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013) Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  2. Software installation and configuration
  3. Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Repair & Support
  4. All common operating systems such as Windows (XP, 7, 8), Linux and Macintosh
  5. Desktop related hardware (on the above operating system) such as printers, sound cards, video cards, accelerators, monitors, modems, CD / DVD drives, USB devices
  6. Desktop related software such as Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mac Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera, and more.

Tier 2 Support:  Tier 2 Support provides more complex support on application software and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of a Tier 1 call.

A 5 Hour block for Tier 2 Support includes Tier 1 Support  (15% Discount)

  1. Network connectivity
  2. Daily Monitoring of Computers
  3. Shared drive(s) and folder access
  4. Add/Moves and Changes for a domain users
  5. Windows and security updates
  6. Installation and Configuration - Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012) and Linux
  7. Online Backup of Data
  8. Internet Access connectivity issues
  9. Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks. Configure software for protection against viruses, spam, and directory harvest attacks.
  10. File and print sharing across multiple networks
  11. Configure VPN for remote access of company files and network.
  12. Dynamic or Manual IP allocations.
  13. Perform comprehensive security audits.

Tier 3 Support: Tier 3 Support covers complex hardware and operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineering experience. Call lengths on Tier 3 vary widely depending upon the type of incident. Tier 3 supports may require coordination with service providers and hardware manufacturers.    

A 5 Hour block for Tier 3 Support includes Tier 2 Support  (15% Discount)

  1. Router and Networking Switch functionality and uptime
  2. Server availability (Exchange Server, Domain Controllers, File Servers, etc)
  3. Cloud-based services support
  4. Set up firewalls. Configure firewall rules and policies.
  5. Router & Layer 3 Switching Configuration
  6. Enterprise Wireless Access Point Configuration

Any support calls beyond the specific time frames of 8x5x4 will be billed at double the rate. 

No cost for 30-minute consulting services to enhance your business services or technology needs.