Online Backup Services




  • Per Computer             $35 per month
  • Per Physical Server   $55 per month
  • Per Virtual Server       $80 per month




Backup VMware virtual machines in VDDK and non-VDDK formats. Utilizes the VMware changed block tracking technology to provide quicker hot-backups and easier delta incremental data for uploads.


256-bit AES Encryption

All of your data is compressed and encrypted before leaving your computer. Transferred over an SSL connection to our servers. We do not keep any encryption keys and cannot access any of your data.


Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Level

Mailbox-level MS Exchange Backup allows for backup and restore of the individual email, calendar, task, contact, journal, notes located in a user's mailbox. Allowing for easy restore of an affected mailbox without restoring the whole database


End-User Web Management

Clients can manage their backup account and get an overview of the backup jobs that have been performed recently. Data can also be restored from the web control panel to any machine with an internet connection.


Configurable File Retention

Configure how many different versions of backup files to keep. You can keep as many versions of files you want. Customize retention for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly versions and over 7 years worth of data.