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What Are The Best Password Managers Of 2020?

What Are The Best Password Managers Of 2020? Once upon a time, it was easy to remember your logins and passwords. You only had a few logins to remember, and you simply used the same password for all of them. (Admit it, you know you did.) But now, you have what seems to be millions of passwords to remember - and...
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Is your information on the Dark Web?

Data breaches are becoming more common. Finding out you were part of one usually includes a laundry list compromised information, such as your password, username, and email address. What does that mean for your internet safety? What should you do? Learn how you can take control after a data breach and better protect your devices, online accounts, and personal data from cyber criminals.
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How secure is your password

How secure is your password
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The more a company uses the cloud, the less likely they worry about downtime

Category: Cloud Computing
The more a company uses the cloud, the less likely they worry about downtime By Matt, Asay, April 28, 2015   Companies that are deeper into cloud are far less worried about downtime and much more likely to want to run more applications in the cloud. What do they know that you don't? The more a company ...
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IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses use information technology to quickly and effectively process information. Employees use electronic mail and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems to communicate. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is used to transmit data including orders and payments from one company to another. Servers process information and store large amounts of data. Desktop computers, laptops and wireless devices are used by employees to create, process, manage and communicate information. What do you when your information technology stops working?
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Warning! Linux is being haunted by a G-G-G-GHOST vulnerability

A critical vulnerability called GHOST has been found in glibc, the GNU C library, which affects all Linux systems dating back to 2000. Attackers can use this flaw to execute code and remotely gain control of Linux machines. The CVE code of GHOST is CVE-2015-0235.
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